You will find these qualities in all of our products


We have the ability to create games for a very wide audience of casual gamers, including all ages and genders.

We are innovative and create original gameplay, worlds, stories and settings.


We are experienced in developing games:
Our core team is composed of game industry veterans, with a broad and diverse skill set and a decades long history of shipped titles.

We aim for the highest quality.


Beside projects developed from start to end, we can assist you with the editorial aspect of a product, launch a pitch, help with conception, development or design, or even develop sequels or side games for your existing IP.

We are always attentive to your needs.


We aim to cover all current platforms and technologies, multi-user / multi-player games, as well as emerging fields such as VR / AR.

Since our team is flexible and agile, we can keep up with the ever changing needs of the industry.

About Us

“Ohiro” means “New Moon” in the Rapa Nui language. We want to be different through united spirit, ability to listen to each other, and to propose another vision of the world. Drawing inspiration from Easter Island culture, believing in the mantra “Reach the moon, it’s written in the sky”, no endeavor seems to be out of reach.

“Ohiro Games Inc.” is an independent video game company, with two main objectives:
_ Developing our own video games.
_ Working with quality subcontractors.

We are “Ohiro Games Inc.”

Our Executive Team

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Marla Saavedra

Marla Saavedra

CEO – Creative Director / Game Designer

Marla Saavedra has started her career in the industry in 2005 as a game designer. She studied cognitive science, with a bachelor degree, at Panthéon-Sorbonne University. During her first job at “Neko Entertainment”, she had the opportunity to lead a small team of developers as a Creative Director on the project “Noddy and the Magic Book” (adventure-education). The project has been released on time with no delay, exceeded the quality expectations, and won an international award for the “best game for Children” at the E3 2006.

Her next position was at Ubisoft, taking part in the creation of the company’s “Casual Department”, monitoring the progress of several projects and creating the new product range “Guitar Hits”, with an editorial aspect, and streamlining various production processes.

Then, she worked at Darkworks on the AAA title “I Am Alive” as a game designer, taking care of all the dialog system from scratch and updating the AI and the behaviors of the characters.

After that she joined Uacari as a lead game designer and worked on many different projects, working directly with the clients and the license owners. During her last work experience at Spellbound, she assisted the creative director on a AAA project. Furthermore she helped designing the iconic world transition of “Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams”. She also was nominated as “Best Innovative company”, thanks to her business plan, the premise of “Ohiro Games Inc.”. My lastest experience includes game design consultancy for projects and training for Fishing Cactus.

Arno Wienholtz

CEO – Technical Director

Arno Wienholtz obtained a Master’s Degree in Discrete Mathematics in 2000. He has nearly 20 years of experience in computer games development.

He contributed as lead programmer to 9 internationally released titles : Prototype of “Giana Sisters – Twisted Dreams” (2011), “Arcania – Gothic IV” (2007-2010), “Baby Luv” (2007), “Sacred 2” (2007), “Helldorado” (2006), “Desperados 2” (2003-2006), “Chicago 1930” (2002-2003), “Robin Hood – The Legend of Sherwood” (2001-2002), “Desperados – Wanted Dead or Alive” (1999-2001).

In recent years, within research project consortiums, he conducted the development of Kinect driven serious games aimed to improve the quality of life of elderly people: “iStoppFalls” ranked in the top 25 of most influential ICT projects for active and healthy living in Europe, hence the project is considered one of the 25 most promising projects in terms of impact and with regards to the European Commission’s Triple Win Strategy.


Sotheara Khem

CEO – Art Director

Sotheara Khem is a veteran of the game industry, with nearly 20 years of experience. He’s self-taught in the video game industry, and graduate of the Ecole des Gobelins in 1995.

At first, he started as a 2D pixel artist at “Titus interactive”, then 2D/3D artist at “Kalisto”, working on: “Prost Grand Prix 1998” (1998), “Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow & The Flame” (1996), as well as “Prehistorik Man” (1995).

Then, he was the Art Director at “MASA” and “NEKO Entertainment”, where he contributed to following released titles:
“The Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret Paths” (2013), “Cover Girl” (2009), “Lucky Luke: The Daltons” (2008), “Arthur and the Invisibles: The Game” (2007), “Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity” (2007), “Go West: A Lucky Luke Adventure” (2007), “Legend of the Dragon” (2007), “Noddy & the Magic Book” (2006), “Crazy Frog Racer” (2005), “WWF Panda Junior” (2004), “Adiboo & Paziral’s Secret” (2003), “Charlie’s Angels” (2003), “Puddles” (2010).

During his career, he had the opportunity to manage various sized teams of computer graphics designers on casual projects. He also won an international award, for the “best game for Children” at the E3 2006, with “Noddy & the Magic Book”.
In recent years, he founded SOZO Unltd. and he had been working with various artists on several games projects, like “Syberia 3” (2017) as UI Artist and 3D artist. Furthermore, he has been teaching 3D modelling and rendering at the “Evry’s University” and recently, he was Anuman’s provider for a AAA game.


If you want to get in touch regarding our games, having an issue, working together or joining the team, please feel free to contact us. We’ll look forward to hearing from you!

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